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I am Monika Haas, a hand-knitting designer who loves to work with colors and yarns made of many different fibers.

As most Germans of my generation I learned to knit at school. Playing with stitch patterns and colors has always fascinated me.

During the past several years I had the great opportunity to meet some of the world's most talented hand-knitting designers and to learn from them new knitting techniques and ideas for working with color.

The inspiration they gave me has led me to a new way of creating unique hand-knitted garments with a color gradated yarn.

I want to share this exciting knitting experience with you, to bring this great yarn to you, and to encourage all knitters, from beginners to experts, to develop your own creativity which we all have and thus find your own unique color style. Combining and gradating colors is great fun. You might even find it addictive – so much that you won't be able to put your knitting down…

Come along into my world and discover the magic and fascination of colors and beautiful luxurious knitting yarns.

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Knitting with color gradated yarn


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