Know the Difference Between Asphalt Shingles and Other Types of Roofing Materials

Commercial Roofing is very important to the building’s structure and look and the commercial roofing is basically used for commercial as well as residential purpose. The commercial roofing conserves energy by minimizing the usage of heat by providing insulation. The main materials used in the making of the Commercial Roofing are aluminum and steel that are pre-finished. It also has a long warranty period of 15 years, galvanized and aluminum.


When you have commercial roofing, it is important that you take care of its maintenance and repairing, and to achieve this it is better if you contact the facility managers. There are many reasons why you need to contact the facility managers and make the necessary repairs, it may be because of a malfunction or a leak. If the damage is severe, then you need to contact the professionals so that you can have it repaired as soon as possible. When it comes to the leaking roofs, it is better if you contact the professional repair companies because the damage can cause some more problem.


The Commercial Roofing has a lot of advantages over the normal homes, but there are also some disadvantages of using the Commercial Roofing. One of the disadvantages is the cost of installation, the materials used and the repair, the roofing will require an additional building permit. The other disadvantages of the commercial roofing is the maintenance, the materials used to build it have to be replaced every now and then therefore, you have to spend money on the replacement materials too. And finally the major disadvantage of the commercial roofing is the aesthetics, it is not suitable for most properties. The shingles come in different colors, the colors are either light gray or dark gray, the light shingles are not suitable for most properties, the dark shingles are not compatible with many other properties, so it is better to choose the light shingles to make your roof look good. If you are planning to use the commercial roofing, you must consider all the factors mentioned above.


The Commercial Roofing: Asphalt Shingles Single Ply roofing: the asphalt shingles single-ply roofing, has been used from the time when buildings started to exist. It was made from slag; the slag is made from limestone and clay. This makes it easier to repair and replace therefore, it is considered as one of the most long-lasting roofing material. And this material has always been resistant to the weather conditions and therefore, the durability of the asphalt shingles can last for a number of years.


These materials are easy to install and maintain therefore, they are more preferred than other materials. And there are a number of reasons why these materials are more preferred than others. One reason is that they are the eco-friendly materials which help to reduce the energy consumption like the cement, gravel, sand and stone. This in turn helps to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.


These are some of the main differences between the asphalt shingle and the commercial roofing materials. They are usually used in different applications such as in residential roofs, industrial roofing and also in the construction of the multi-storey buildings. Therefore, it is always best to go for the right material for the right application so that it provides the best protection to the building.