Violated Bride Debra Matthews


Published: March 2nd 2013

Kindle Edition

18 pages


Violated Bride  by  Debra Matthews

Violated Bride by Debra Matthews
March 2nd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 18 pages | ISBN: | 3.19 Mb

Steven and Janice just got married and on their wedding reception Janice accepts an offer for a dance with his best man Marcus. But Steven doesnt know that Janice has a thing for Marcus for a long long time. They end up having nasty sex and getting pregnant on her wedding night right in front of her husbands eyes.WARNING: ADULTS ONLY! This book contains explicit sexual content including: oral sex, cuckold, cunnilingus, erotic control, domination, submission, humiliation and more.Excerpt:She screamed as she came again.

Marcus held her hips and drove his cock into her pussy hard and fast until he exploded. She could feel his cock pumping cum into her as he pressed his cock into her.They stood there for what seemed like ages trying to catch their breath. Janice was shaking as Marcus held on to her. His head was on her back and her palms still pressed against the wall.“You can let me go now, Marcus.” Janice whispered once her body had stopped convulsing.“Ok I’ll try.” Marcus whispered.-------------Janice sat up and stared and the wooden floor. Her thoughts were running together in a jumble. She kept trying to make sense of what she had done.

Then she was hit with the realization that shook her.“Marcus I’m not on the pill. You didn’t use a condom. Oh no. I’m full of your cum and it’s running down my legs. What if I get pregnant?” she was in awe as she said it.“Shit. I didn’t even think about. Janice is you sure?

I mean what do we do about it?” Marcus swore.Janice sat in silence trying to contemplate but she couldn’t get past the fact. She could be pregnant by her husband’s best friend. In a strange way that makes her horny again. Marcus started pacing...Also published in this series:Cheating Housewives: The star of the biker festCheating housewives: Riding LessonsCheating Housewives: Blackmailed into DepravityCheating Housewives: Taking a walk on the wild sideCheating Housewives: Taken by the bossCheating Housewives: Greatest Halloween Party

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