Tommys Thanksgiving Wish Leon Opio



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Tommys Thanksgiving Wish  by  Leon Opio

Tommys Thanksgiving Wish by Leon Opio
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Tommy Walker has started a new year at a new school, eager to make friends. He meets Mary, who also seems new, and whose attitude seems a polar opposite to Tommy’s. Nevertheless, the two strike up a friendship, and soon they’re inseparable.Tommy and his family take Mary with them on many adventures, and she always enjoys herself. However, she is very reluctant to have Tommy over, for reasons she keeps to herself.This doesn’t bother Tommy, and as Thanksgiving rolls around, he wants to ask Mary and her family over for the festivities, of which there are many in the Walker household.

His parents readily agree, and he is eager to ask her to his house.But she is absent for days on end, and as Thanksgiving approaches, he learns the truth from a private conversation he accidentally overhears between two teachers.This information only makes him more determined than ever to have her and her family join them. But will that actually happen?Mr. Opio’s book deals with a problem that occurs in just about every school in the world. I love how Tommy approaches the problem, and how others help him in his quest to make someone else’s life happier.

How wonderful it would be if all of those who have in this world could be as resolute to help those who have not.There is much to be learned in this book—a tale for all ages.

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