Szalla ALA Poklokra: Esszek Sándor Csoóri

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Szalla ALA Poklokra: Esszek  by  Sándor Csoóri

Szalla ALA Poklokra: Esszek by Sándor Csoóri
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Sándor Csoóri (Csoóri, Alexander) (born 3 February 1930 Zámoly - ) is a Hungarian poet, essayist, writer and politician.In 1950, he graduated from the Reformed Pontifical College (Pápai Református Kollégiumban), and then studied at ELTE Institute, but dropped his studies because of illness.

He worked in various journals, such as during 1953-54 Literature in the newspaper, and in 1955 until 1956 the new sound versrovat editor. In 1956, he could not find work for a while, and then in 1960, as at the beginning of the Budapest University of Technology, and newspaper editorial staff, he was the MAFILM dramaturg from 1968 until 1988.His first poems appeared in 1953, raising a big stir, being critical of the Rákosi era.

The authorities soon noticed that Csoóri was not one of their supporters. He wrote criticizing the dictatorships impact of personality, and te fate of rural people. He was under surveillance sometimes for years, and did not receive awards. He lived in Budapest, where he met with his friends, including Miklos Jancso, Otto Orban, Gyorgy Konrad, Ferenc Kosa. In 1988, he was co-editor with Gáspár Nagy, of Hitel, and in 1992 editor-in-chief.

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