Godwins and the Shelleys William St. Clair

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Godwins and the Shelleys  by  William St. Clair

Godwins and the Shelleys by William St. Clair
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Hmmm. This is by all accounts, a study of William Godwin. I enjoyed it a great deal, not only for what it said, but what it did not say, the subtext that can often be found in a biography by looking at the total group of people. For example, what does it say of Mary Shelley, his daughter, or his thoughts on marriage and why he married, and what hope did he experience on meeting Percy Shelley and how were those hopes soon scattered by his own daughter?

These are questions that this biography raises.I found his relationship with Thomas Holcroft indicative of all his relationships and would like to read more on Holcroft.I often found this study rather sad. A man can only take so much tragedy and Godwin experienced his fair share if not more. He weathered them all which says a lot about his personality, though not all of that would be kind.Perhaps it is lucky that Godwin met Mrs.

Clairmont when he did, the women who wore those green tinted glasses. Id like to have met her!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am sure to read this many more times for notes.

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