The Zhoop Factor (Not Just a Chick Book) Mary Wirkz

ISBN: 9780983420934

Published: April 1st 2011


238 pages


The Zhoop Factor (Not Just a Chick Book)  by  Mary Wirkz

The Zhoop Factor (Not Just a Chick Book) by Mary Wirkz
April 1st 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 238 pages | ISBN: 9780983420934 | 4.78 Mb

There is nothing more daunting than the dating ritual, especially after you ve hit thirty. In spite of the potential risk of humiliation and rejection, many of us persist in the pursuit of our true partner. Why? Because a driving, primal force propels us onward: the zhoop factor, the belief that two souls can connect in that magical moment of bliss.

I started keeping a journal as a way to sift through the wreckage of a failed relationship. As I began to reclaim my independence, my sense of humor returned and I realized I was enjoying the freedom that came along with being on my own. A male friend once said to me, You re not needy.

Neediness is like a repellent. It drives people away. When I was ready, I ventured out into the dating world and felt compelled to keep writing. These journal entries are filled with the tales others (mostly men) shared with me. I found their candor mesmerizing and often surprising. One woman sent me this note after she d finished reading the manuscript.

Toward the end of the book I began to consider its value as an affirmation of men in a time when so many women have lost almost all love for them. The world is darkening with the loss of love, and perhaps the story of your sacred journey and the healing of your soul overrides the importance of keeping silent.

It s almost your duty to share these stories with others. Whoa! Who knew I was on a sacred journey ? I ve been encouraged to publish this as a novel, rather than as a memoir, since it reads like fiction. But the fact of the matter is that all of this stuff really happened. The Zhoop Factor vibrates with honesty, hope and humor.

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